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Living Hotel (To Be Redeveloped)

If you know, you know. Nosara is located in one of five “blue regions” in the world - studied by scientists to understand why these regions have statistically proven to yield longer, healthier, and happier lives. Nosara is a world-class surf and yoga destination with a huge emphasis on wellness. We own one of the best-located hotels central to restaurants, shopping, and a short walk to the beach (in Nosara, there is no development on the beach - everything is protected in perpetuity by 200 meters of national forest). Our property borders said national forest, and we plan to demolish the existing structure and purpose-build a surf-themed Edgecamp Sporting Club, akin to our kiteboarding-themed Edgecamp Sporting Club in the Outer Banks.

Development Play: Boutique Hotel Redevelopment Asset Strategy: Development Size: 9 keys (current state); 22 keys (projected future state) Seasonality: Winter Experience: Sporting
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